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  • In recent years, Polish cuisine has made itself noticed in culinary circles with new approaches to traditional dishes and high quality local produce. Now, Polish gastronomy has officially been put on the world’s culinary map, as Warsaw-based restaurant Atelier Amaro achieved Poland’s first Michelin star on 14 March 2013.

    The Michelin chef Wojciech Modest Amaro has worked with the likes of Ferran Adria from Elbulli and Rene Redzepi from Noma. He is the author of bestselling cook book Polish Cuisine in the 21st Century, and opened his signature restaurant Atelier Amaro in 2011. The restaurant serves updated versions of Polish cuisine, using traditional ingredients like roots, venison and wild mushrooms, and long forgotten ingredients like barberries or rowanberries.


    Wojciech Amaro is in the vanguard of a new type of gastronomy. As the first Pole, he participated in Noma chef Rene Redzepi’s project Cook It Raw, where top chefs from the whole world seek to find new ways to serve traditional food, using only the local fresh produce. It was Redzepi himself who gave Amaro the news about the Michelin star over the telephone, and much like the Danish chef, he finds unusual ingredients for his dishes in wild nature and uses excellent local produce. This combination did it for the Michelin people: "It's the first time ever a restaurant in Warsaw has received its first star. Atelier Amaro uses local produce to create innovative cuisine and original combinations which won over inspectors," the statement said. Thus, Polish cuisine of the 21st century has proven to be world class. 



    Photo: Atelier Amaro

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